Create Table in PostgreSQL

In this tutorial, you will find out how to use the Create Table statement to create new tables in PostgreSQL.

Create Table is a keyword (watchword), which notifies the database system to create a new table. The unattainable name for the table or identifier follows the given statement in the table. In the beginning, the applicant issuing an empty database has the current database.

Then, in the brackets, the list comes up, evaluates each column of the table, and what kind of data it is. The syntax from the example below will be clear.
The PostgreSQL CREATE table description is used to create a new table in any database.


To create a new table in PostgreSQL, you employ the Create Table statement. The following table

CREATE TABLE table_name(<field1 name, type, constraints >,<field2 name, type, constraints > )

For example, I need to create a table Employee which will contain the data of employees of an organization like Name, Salary, DOJ, Department, Position, etc.


CREATE TABLE Public.Employee
    EmpId Serial NOT NULL,
    FName character varying(50) NOT NULL,
    LName character varying(50) NULL,
    DOJ date NOT NULL,
       Salary numeric NOT NULL,
       DepartMent character varying(50) NULL,
    Position  character varying(50) NULL 

Check out the syntax of the Create Table Statement in more detail.
·         After the table is created, first specify the name of the new table. The temporary keyword is to create a temporary table.
·         After this, you list the column name, its data type, and the column constraints. Multiple columns in a table can be separated by a comma (,). The column evaluates the rules for the constraints column e.g.,  NOT NULL.
·         After the column list, you define table-level constraints that determine the rules of the data in the table.
·         After that, you set an existing table from which the new table is inherited. This means that the new table contains all the columns in the current table and the columns are explained in the CREATE TABLE statement. This is a PostgreSQL extension for SQL.

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