Data Viewers are containers that can contain a single SSIS buffer’s work.  As the data passes through the Data Path you are able to view what is in each buffer.  As each buffer passes into the Data Viewer, the processing of the SSIS package on that Data Path is paused.  In essence, you have a breakpoint.  But not really.
There are four types of data viewers.   
These are:
Grid: Displays: selected columns display in a tabular format.
Histogram: Displays distribution of numeric values and works only with numeric data.
Scatter plot: Displays scatter plot graph works only with numeric data.  You are able to set the x-axis and y-axis.
Chart format: Displays a column chart of the count of discrete values in the selected column.
To be perfectly honest, I’ve only ever found a use for the Grid Data Viewer.  There may be situations that I’m unaware of that the others are of great benefit.  Unfortunately, I’ve never come across those.


First go to the data flow and select the path where you wish to pause the data processing and then do double click or right-click on the path see following pic

After double-click a Data Flow Path Editor window open there the option has been given as bellow.

Enable data viewer and select column to display in grid and after execution data view like bellow.

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