Query for remove extra space from text in SQL Server

I had faced white space problem writing algorithm of search in SQL Query, I had applied there FTS(Full-Text Search) when a text comes with extra space, my search becomes failed. I applied there LTRIM and RTRIM but did not get success then I applied bellow approach and gain victory over there.
DECLARE @expres  VARCHAR(50) = SPACE(2)
SET @str = 'I     am     trying   to  remove  extra   space'
WHILE CHARINDEX( @expres, @str ) > 0
       SET @str = REPLACE( @str, @expres,' ')

Above query, you can use as a function or don’t want use as a function and want to apply direct approach see below code.

-- Sample query to remove extra space

DECLARE @str VARCHAR(200)='I     am     trying   to  remove  extra   space'
SELECT  REPLACE (REPLACE(REPLACE(@str,' ','<>'),'><',''),'<>',' ')

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