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Lookup Transformation in SSIS

Lookup transformation is responsible to join columns to the data flow/data set, by accessing additional information in a related table based on values in common columns.
Problem : We have a table EMP which data are fetching by OLEDB Source, this table contains column FName, LName, Salary  and Country. In the flow we need to add column empAddress and empPhone of Employees which information are in EMPDETAILS table.
Solution : We would use Lookup Transformation. Now see below the use of lookup transformation..
Createtable EMP(
Id intidentity(1,1),
FName VARCHAR(50),
LName VARCHAR(50),
Salary DECIMAL(18,2),
Country VARCHAR(50)

insertinto EMP(FName,LName,Salary,Country)
insertinto EMP(FName,LName,Salary,Country)
insertinto EMP(FName,LName,Salary,Country)
insertinto EMP(FName,LName,Salary,Country)