MongoDB 3.4: What’s New

In the age of digital transformation and disruption, your ability to thrive depends on how quickly you adapt to a constantly changing market environment. MongoDB 3.4 is the latest release of the industry’s fastest-growing database. It offers a significant evolution in capabilities and enhancements that enable you to address emerging opportunities and use cases:

Multi-model Done Right: Native graph computation, faceted navigation, rich real-time analytics and robust connectors for BI and Apache Spark brings additional multimodal database support right into MongoDB.

Mission-Critical Applications: Geo-distributed MongoDB zones, elastic clustering, tunable consistency, and enhanced security controls bring the state-of-the-art database technology to your most mission-critical applications.

Modernized Tooling: Enhanced DBA and DevOps tooling for schema management, fine-grained monitoring, and cloud-native integration allows engineering teams to ship applications faster, with less overhead and higher quality.

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