We often saw the italic text in books or magazines. It doesn't mean that <i> tag is taking any extra important. It simply represents the text like technical terms, foreign language phrases, or fictional character thoughts.

HTML <i> element represent the italic text


<p>Use these audits to review policies and procedures on:</p>
<i>Pay and rewards </i>
<p><i> Training </i></p>
<p><i> Employee development</i></p>
<p><i> People management </i></p>
<p><i>This is a book name "Dilip Singh"</i></p>

Result will be shown below:

Use these audits to review policies and procedures on:
Pay and rewards
Employee development
People management
This is a book name "Dilip Singh"

Usage Note:
  • HTML <I> element is displayed in italic text size. However, it is not a good way to use the italic text we can use CSS styling for this purpose.
  • <I> tag  or <em> tag look alike but the semantic meaning is different. <I> element is only a presentation element.
  • When we want that text should be italicized but not have any real semantic meaning then we use this tag <I></I>
  • HTML <i> element  is represent the name of a book or movie, it also represents a foreign word.
  • HTML <i> element  tag represents text.

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